Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day 2008

Opening day in Cincinnati is equivilent to a national holiday. I had a free pass from work to attend the game, and it seems as though the entire city gets excited about spring and the start of the season. Its so much fun, today I walked into skyline in downtown Cincinnati and the place was jam packed with people wearing red, enjoying some chili before the start of the new season. It is probably one of the coolest things about Cincinnati, its what distinguishes us from other cities, even large cities like NY, opening day in Cincy is something I think every baseball fan needs to experience at least once in their lifetime! To me it gives a glimpse of how great Cincinnati can be. Opening day brings the city to life, and it brings the excitement back downtown. We have a great city, I like how things are changing and I hope and pray that our leadership has the vision to continue to spur growth rather than squelch it with bad policy and bickering.
The opening slide of the photo story linked above was taken just a few rows above where I sat for todays game. The view was amazing, and the crowd excited, hopefully this team will mature quickly and have fun doing it. I think in spite of today's loss they have the potential to win a lot of games, and a very good shot at the post season. It should be a fun season and I'm looking forward to it!
My prediction the reds will win 89 games and win the NL central, what do you think? am I riding a crazy wave of excitement or does this team have real potential to win a bunch of games?

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