Wednesday, March 5, 2008

spoiled milk or rotten eggs

What's the worst thing you've ever taken a whiff of in your memory? On Monday night I thought I had smelled perhaps one of the worst smells in all the world, only to be eclipsed earlier this evening! On Monday night at club we blended two McDonalds happy meals, one was a chicken nuggets, with blue powerade ketch-up and bar-b-q sauce, and the other was cheeseburger with coke and ketch-up and of course the french fries were in both. Two students had to try to guess what was blended if they got it wrong they chugged it, if they guessed right Jen and I chugged it. Luckily for me I had the cheeseburger happy meal, we both ended up chugging them but the chicken nugget happy meal when mixed was quite possibly the most disgusting thing we've ever made at club, it had to smell worse than a 3 day old baby diaper. Needless to say Jen didn't drink much of it before nearly spewing! The cheeseburger smoothie was actually pretty good, I'd have to say the coke was the saving factor in that one, it's actually not a bad way to eat a meal on the run. haha
That brings us to tonight, I thought some milk and cookies sounded really good, I've had the milk for about a week, and the "sell by" date said 3/7/08 so I figured the milk would be just fine, however when I opened it I quickly realized it wasn't any good, the odor was beyond nasty, I almost puked twice while I dumped it out, the smell was definitely the worst in my memory!! It was ten times worse than the happy meal smoothie! Two things come from this 1) how in the world did the milk go bad? It was in the fridge, sealed up, and had only been opened a week ago, AND it was still before the sell by date! am I entitled to anything in this? Trauth Dairy needs to fix that problem! And 2) have you ever smelled or tasted sour milk? I think that would be a guaranteed way to barf if you ever needed one, that was straight up gross!


Brian said...

Blended happymeal = tasty!

Worst smell ever would have to be a dead skunk on the road that had been hit in such a way that whatever gland that produces the smell was split open. I think Randy and I spent the next 10 minutes gasping for air. I've never smelled anything so strong and awful.

B-Call said...

the other week, Aly made this upset face after drinking some of her milk, so i took a swig. i don't know what was inside the cup, but it was chunky.
i almost yacked.

J-Fitz-B said...

Last year I remember doing the turkey-bowling skit. It was awesome. When I got home though I threw it in my garage trashcan. Two weeks later I forgot that I'd left it there and when I opened it to through something else away, I almost started to go into convulsions.

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